About Base Services

BASE stands for Build-up, Accept, Support and Encourage

The BASE exist to build up, accept, support and encourage people in need in the Toowoomba community by

  • Providing a welcoming space where individuals can connect with other people and services
  • Providing a nutritious meal and friendly face to people in need in the Toowoomba community
  • Listening
  • Assisting individuals to meet their needs through case management, referrals and involvement with other programs the BASE Services offers
  • Advocating for the needs of people
  • Raising communities awareness of homelessness in the Toowoomba region
  • Promoting healthy choices and decision making Helping individuals develop life skills, healthy relationships, coping strategies and resilience
  • Promoting reconciliation and cultural awareness
  • Partnering with other services for positive client outcomes
  • Supporting and strengthen families
  • Supporting and strengthening community

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